Eating Vibrantly When You're Not At Home

Eating out too often can upset your health goals, but most people go out once in a while, to restaurants, to dinner parties, to work events, or for special occasions like weddings and holidays. What do you do when other people preparing your food don’t have the same vibrant goals you have? 


Stress won’t help, and you can’t be perfect all the time. It’s good for you to enjoy yourself, and the occasional less-than-vibrant food isn’t going to kill you.

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Sometimes the best thing to do is just go with it. You may not have control over what is served at a party or a wedding or holiday dinner, but you always have control over how much you eat. 

Be “allergic”.

If something really bothers you, like gluten or dairy, it’s perfectly acceptable to pass due to your “allergy.” If you tell them you have celiac disease, they’ll try extra hard.

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Restaurant staff are more careful now than they once were. Sometimes I’ll tell them not to panic because I won’t have an acute reaction, but to please make the preparation the way I ask. It’s never been a problem for me. Just remember to be polite.


Keep your vibrant goals in mind so you don’t overdo it. One small cocktail, a small portion of a decadent dinner, a few bites of dessert are all fine on special occasions.

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Have fun, focus on the people more than the food, and enjoy yourself. You’ll be so proud of yourself when you get home if you don’t throw caution to the wind and inhale the whole wheel of cheese or a giant slab of cake. 

Be prepared.

In restaurants, I recommend looking at the menu online before you go (almost all restaurants now have this option). Figure out what will work for you…

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and when you get there, stick with your plan.

Order what you want.

Don’t be afraid to order a special preparation. Don’t be shy!  Only the most unpleasant of restaurant cooks will refuse to make you what you want.

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My trick is not to worry so much about the what’s exactly on the menu. Instead, scan the menu for the ingredients they have in the kitchen, then ask them to make you something based on what you know they have: some broccoli here, some Brussels sprouts there, some salmon without sauce. 

Be basic.

You can’t go wrong with lean meat and vegetables steamed or lightly sautéed, with a salad with dressing on the side.

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Dessert can be good for you.

How about a nice cup of mint tea? A dish of fresh fruit? A small scoop of sorbet?

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If you can’t resist your favorite decadent dessert, limit yourself to just a couple of bites, or split it with the table.


If  you’re invited to someone’s house, it’s nicer to bring your own dish than to stress out the hostess with your dietary restrictions.

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If that doesn’t seem appropriate and you’re concerned about being demanding, just mention your deal breakers, especially if you really do have an allergy or celiac disease. Otherwise, every now and then it’s okay to take one for the team and remember the bottom line is portion size.

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