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Possible Health Benefits of Moringa

Moringa leaf, either powdered or dried, is the most common form of the supplement in the United States. The potential health benefits discussed below involve moringa powder or extract.

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Spring Pea Soup

Ladle the soup into four bowls and garnish with fresh pea shoots, a dollop of yogurt, and a drizzle of olive oil. Serve immediately !

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Hand covering a glass of red wine

5 Reasons Not To Give Up On Dry January

If you like to live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle like I do but you find it hard to fit all the great anti-inflammatory foods nature has to offer into your diet every day, try this delicious and potent smoothie.

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Avocado and cucumber smoothie in a glass with Straw. Sliced cucumber and halved avocado on table next to glass.

Vibrant’s Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

If you like to live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle like I do but you find it hard to fit all the great anti-inflammatory foods nature has to offer into your diet every day, try this delicious and potent smoothie.

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Infographic containing a collage of words related to inflammation

Are You Inflamed?

Maybe you’ve heard of chronic inflammation. It’s not that kind of red, angry inflammation you get when you skin your knee or twist your ankle or get a splinter. It’s the kind that happens inside your body—the kind that goes on and on at a low level and doesn’t go away

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Person holding head surrounded by festive decorations

Holidays and Stress

Holidays and Stress December 13th, 2021 / Lifestyle Medicine & Mindfulness   Don’t you just love the holidays? The carols, the cookies, the consumerism? What? You don’t?  You might be...

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2 glasses with egg nog in them on a table

Vibrant Eggnog

Vibrant EggnogDecember 10th, 2021 / Recipe  This year, I’ve been thinking about ways to make decadent holiday treats more vibrant, and I immediately thought of eggnog. This high-fat,...

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How to Stay Well This Winter

It’s confusing. So much health “news,” so many people so sure of one thing or another, so much controversy, so many contradictions–it’s no wonder people don’t know what to think. But if you want to avoid catching a virus this winter

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Vitamins For This Season.

Vitamins For This Season.November 11th, 2021 / Functional MedicineFall is a great time to re-establish some good nutrition habits, now that the bounty of sun and summer produce is coming to an...

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Vibrant Doc Stay Sharp in Meetings

Stay Sharp in Meetings

Stay Sharp in MeetingsNovember 5th, 2021 / Lifestyle Medicine, Physical Fitness, Nutrition  It’s time for that big (or long) meeting and you know it’s going to take all your mental energy,...

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VibrantDoc Bone Broth

Rosemary Ginger Turkey Bone Broth

Rosemary Ginger Turkey Bone Broth November 4th, 2021 / RecipesI always hated the idea of throwing away a turkey carcass after Thanksgiving, and then I discovered that I could use it to make...

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VibrantDoc Immune Boosting Ginger Tea

Immune Boosting Fresh Ginger Tea

Immune Boosting Fresh Ginger TeaNovember 4th, 2021 / RecipesYou can buy hundreds of kinds of tea, but sometimes it’s nice to make a fresh cup. This warming version is full of antioxidant,...

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VibrantDoc Cheezy Veggie Dip

Cheezy Veggie Dip

"Cheezy" Veggie DipNovember 4th, 2021 / RecipesIngredientsServes 4 1/4 cup almonds, slivered  3 tablespoons avocado oil 1 clove garlic 1 teaspoon nutritional yeast 1 teaspoon lemon juice  ¼...

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VibrantDoc Healthy Snack Pack

Take Along Healthy Snack Pack

Take Along Healthy Snack PackNovember 4th, 2021 / RecipesIf you’re traveling this month, you can avoid fast foods stops and impulse junk food buying at gas stations and airports with a little...

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6 Ways To Avoid Burnout And Get Your Energy Back

Learn what burnout is, if you have it, and most importantly, what you can do to climb back out of burnout to reclaim your power. Check out the article to start helping yourself today so you can reclaim your energy and your can-do attitude

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Coffee and Anxiety

Coffee and AnxietyOctober 8th, 2021 / Lifestyle MedicineAmerica is seemingly fueled by coffee, and caffeine is probably the most socially acceptable and widely used psychoactive substance on the...

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Sober-tober and The Magic of Mocktails

This October, if you’re observing “Sober-Tober” but you’ve still got important socializing to do (and yes, socializing is important!), you’ve got a great opportunity to dip your toe into the...

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What To Do With A Sugar Pumpkin

While you’re visiting the local pumpkin patch on a beautiful fall afternoon, browsing for potential jack-o-lantern pumpkins and other spooky fall décor, pick up a sugar pumpkin, too. These are...

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Dirty Lemon Spritzer

Serves 4 If you love lemon drop cocktails but you want something spookier looking for Halloween, try this black-as-night version, made with activated charcoal. This is great for parties....

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Magical Mulled Apple Cider Mocktail

Serves 4 On crisp fall evenings, especially Halloween, this autumn-spiced mocktail will warm your heart as Halloween chills you to the bone! (In a fun way.) This recipe is especially good made...

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Sweet and Spicy Pumpkin Mocktail

Serves 4Ingredients ½ cup sugar pumpkin puree (or canned pumpkin) 2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk 3 tablespoons maple syrup 4 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice ½ teaspoon cinnamon Ground nutmeg...

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Chipotle Bison Pumpkin Chili

Serves 4 For a chunkier, meatier pumpkin chili, try this one featuring bison and smoky chipotle. If you don’t want to bother roasting a sugar pumpkin, you can use canned pumpkin in this...

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Savory Sugar Pumpkin Soup

Serves 4 This mildly sweet, lusciously savory soup is a cheerful orange and will warm you on cold autumn evenings. It’s perfection with pureed sugar pumpkin puree, but in a pinch, you can also...

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Fresh Sugar Pumpkin Puree

Makes 4 to 6 cups The amount it makes will vary considerably depending on the size of your sugar pumpkin, so make it and measure it before you commit to any particular recipe, to be sure you have...

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Preventive Health Checklist

When it comes to health, prevention is power and knowing your health status and risk factors is one of the best ways you can avoid chronic disease.

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Vibrant Anti-Aging Pro Tip #2: Pick Probiotics

You may not think of your digestion as having that much to do with aging, but in fact, your microbiome—that collection of bacteria, fungi, and even viruses in your gut—has a significant effect on how well you age.

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Blue For Morning, Red For Night

I’ve written about red light therapy for anti-aging and pain reduction, and blue light for treating acne and depression. These are technology hacks you can use to improve your health and...

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Blue Light Therapy: What’s It For?

You may have heard that you should avoid computer, phone, and television screens right before bed because they emit blue light that can interfere with sleep. However, blue light is also used therapeutically. Does it work?

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Red Light Therapy: Does It Work?

If you’ve ever tried an infrared sauna or a red light booth, or even had a red light treatment offered to you at the dermatologist, you may wonder what this therapy is and whether it actually works.

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Vibrant Romance

This month is Romance Awareness Month, so what better time to talk about romance in terms of how it can make you more vibrant?

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Late Summer’s Garden Bounty

If there is one thing I think about when I think about August, it’s boating! But this blog isn’t about boating. It’s about food, and if there is one food-related thing I think of, it’s garden...

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Fourth of July Recipes

It’s grilling season, and there is no time like the Fourth of July to celebrate the birth of our country with a reborn commitment to making the most of the gift that is your life!

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Woman drinking water


Summer’s coming. Do you know where your water bottle is? During a rainy spring, people may have neglected hydration, not feeling as thirsty, but even when you aren’t thirsty, it’s important to keep drinking water for many reasons.

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Woman applying facial cream

Skin As An Indicator of Health

During my many years in private practice, I gained a kind of intuition about how healthy people are. This came from a lot of careful observation—it’s a skill any observant doctor develops over time.

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Man chopping zucchini in kitchen

The Vibrant Man

The Vibrant Triad is the key. I use it when I advise women, and I use it when I advise men, because its three sides are made up of the three foundational principles that create health and vibrancy in anyone.

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Baked sweet potato on serving board

Father’s Day Recipes

This father’s day, you may be thinking of making your dad (or the dad of your kids!) a special meal, but rather than loading him up with the stereotypical guy favorites, like steak and potatoes, why not consider a more vibrant meal for the dads in your life?

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Woman meditating

How Diet and Exercise Affect Mental Health

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month, and I’ve been pondering the mental health state of the world after a long hard year of social distancing, isolation, decreasing diet quality, and more sedentary living.

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Woman resting or sleeping

How to Get Better Quality Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important bodily functions for getting rid of metabolic waste products, healing and rebuilding the body, consolidating memories, and maintaining our physical as well as psychological wellness.

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Spring Recipes

Spring has sprung and the first big holiday of the spring season is Easter. No matter how you celebrate—with a focus on the most sacred of Christian holidays, or as more of an...

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Chocolate Avocado Mousse with fruit

Avocado Chocolate Mousse

Serves 4Ingredients  2 chilled avocados, pitted and cut into chunks 1 cup unsweetened coconut- or almond-based coffee creamer, plus a little more if necessary for consistency 1/4 cup organic...

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Adaptogens info graphic

Adapting to Stress with Adaptogens

There are many ways to become more adaptable and resilient amongst changing circumstances life throws at us, but one of my favorite tools is custom-made by nature to help us adapt: namely, adaptogens.

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Tissue paper

Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

This is how you support your immune system, so it has a fighting chance at fighting your allergic response. Make allergy season self-care season. Also try these natural methods for reducing the symptoms of spring allergies

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Raindrops on a brightly colored umbrella

How to Be Less S.A.D.

The past year has practically been a recipe for seasonal affective disorder (aptly dubbed with the acronym S.A.D.), a mood disorder that typically coincides with the colder months when people...

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Spring pea soup in a bowl

March Recipes

After a long winter without fresh, newly sprouted produce, I crave baby spring vegetables, like tiny tender greens, spring peas, pencil-thin asparagus, baby artichokes, and nutrient-packed...

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Two people having fun on the sand

Date Night at Home Recipes

This light, fresh, three-course dinner is romantically fancy but easy to prepare, and it won’t weigh you down or leave you feeling overly stuffed, so you’ll have plenty of energy leftover...

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Raspberry Avocado Mousse

Raspberry Avocado Mousse Serves 2Ingredients 2 pints fresh raspberries (chilled)1 avocado (chilled, pit removed, cubed)1/4 cup unsweetened almond or coconut milk2 tablespoons honey1 tablespoon...

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Close up of fruit salad

January Recipes

You may know by now that I’m not big on cleanses because, barring extreme circumstances, the body already takes care of most of your detoxification needs. That doesn’t mean January isn’t a great...

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Person using cell phone

Detox Your Social Life

January is detox month, cleanse month, “fresh start” month, and social media is filled with suggestions for new diets, cleanses, and ways to detoxify the body. Maybe you have started a new diet...

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Info graphic with text saying food vibrant movement connection

Vibrant Resolutions

The year is almost over, and many of us will be happy to see 2020 fade away in our rearview mirrors. I for one can’t wait to toast the new year and start fresh, but unfortunately, people are...

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Roast turkey and stuffing in a serving dish

Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

I always look forward to the holiday season, but I don’t look forward to feeling overly stuffed, tired, or guilty after overindulging. For years now, I’ve been remaking my celebratory holiday...

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Exercise equipment

Movement Tips for Staying Healthy at Home

Exercise classes are cancelled, gyms or closed (or they're open, but you just can’t), the weather is getting colder every day, and walking outside is getting less and less appealing. But don’t...

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Mini Pumpkin Pie

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipe

I don’t normally eat dessert, but Thanksgiving always feels like a reason to celebrate with a little sweetness. The problem with holiday desserts is that they often contain ingredients I don’t...

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Person cooking

The Real Secret to Staying Well This Winter

It’s confusing. So much health “news,” so many people so sure of one thing or another, so much controversy, so many contradictions--it’s no wonder people don’t know what to think. But if you want...

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Multiple people

Your Holiday Self-Care Prescription

In November, as the holiday season looms, I’m tackling self-care because there is no better time to take a minute and remember what’s really important (your health!) as we all brace ourselves to...

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Pumpkin Spice Latte

Deconstructing the PSL

Maybe knowing that we’re all anxious to get 2020 over and done with, Starbucks released their famous (or notorious, depending on your perspective) Pumpkin Spice Latte in August this year. August!...

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Person sleeping on a lake

Deep Sleep And Brain Health

You want it. You crave it. You can’t wait to get more. But somehow, it eludes you. It’s sleep, and most people aren’t getting enough. A poor diet, alcohol, caffeine, anxiety, and stress can all...

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Person using a laptop

How to Be Healthier at Home

I saw a startling article the other day, from a job discovery platform called DirectlyApply. It showed what remote workers could look like in 25 years. God willing, we won’t all still be stuck at...

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Person walking down a tree lined path

Types of Moving Meditation | VibrantDoc

Meditation is an important part of my life (and an essential part of my stress management efforts), but people often tell me, “Oh, I could never meditate!” They say they are too impatient, they...

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Bright purple flowers

Bringing the Outside Inside

It’s gardening season and everywhere I look, I see gardening inspiration—splashy photos, planting guides, aspirational kitchen gardens, gorgeous flower beds. It’s all lovely of course, and when...

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Vibrant Doc Stacie Stephenson

Now more than ever, your health matters.

Welcome to VibrantDoc! Now more than ever, your health matters.Today, many of us are looking at our health with new perspective. We are largely shut off from the health resources and activities...

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Cellphone in persons hands

How to start listening to your body.

It’s a loud loud world, but somewhere inside you is a still small voice guiding you…or trying to. No, it’s not your conscience, or the angel on your shoulder. It’s your body, and it’s got plenty...

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Treats in a fridge

The Science Behind Quarantine Cravings

It’s becoming an all-too-familiar scenario: You’re worried, you’re bored, you’re uncertain about the future, and all you want to do is eat. Cravings are one of those things most of us battle once...

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